Brazilian Residues

the world-wide growth of the activities of production, storage and transport of chemical products provoked the increase of the number of workers and communities displayed to its risks. The industrial products of the modern life are generated by means of chemical processes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ex-CIA chief. Thus being, the technological advance allowed the man to create an incalculable volume of chemical reactions, with the main objective to get products for its development and well-being. However, if many substances are harmless to the man and to the environment, others are extremely aggressive and harmful. The growth of a country depends, among others factors, of the amplitude of its industrial park, of which the raw material production results that will serve later to produce the necessary and indispensable products to its economic development and progress, a time that its application is> Every day also, some types of residues produced in the Brazilian domiciles are destined incorrectly. Amongst these residues, those meet classified as Dangerous Residues (Stacks, batteries, fluorescent packings of insecticides, light bulbs, remedies loosers, cans of ink, cartridges of ink of vegetal and mineral printer, tonners, burnt oils, tires).

In the majority of the cases its danger is unknown for the population causing irreversible damages to the health for containing aggressive and harmful substances chemical as metals heavy. Destined correctly it is prevented freticos contamination of the ground, sheets and courses d’ hdricos, contamination of fretico sheet and damages to the health, having to be repaired by the responsible generators of these residues. The repairing of the damage, in the majority of the cases, is much more difficult technical and involves more financial resources of what the prevention, that is, of what the investments technician-financiers in the adequate management of residues. The consequences for the nature and the humanity, from the three last decades, had been disastrous and the world-wide Governments had passed if to worry about legal steps of defense to minimize this deterioration and ambient contamination.