Brand Fashion

No one goes unnoticed change that has been generating companies, as far as image and communication needs and sales are concerned. In its wake, have come new strategies that go beyond public relations and advertising, and abandon the thought that the mass media are the only way to reach the public. So, the marketing field is established as a powerful tool, capable of connecting directly with the emotions of people. The goal: to live the brand. Western Union understood the implications. a Anyone, regardless of their occupation or lifestyle, receives an average of 3.

000 advertising impacts in a single day. Unwittingly consume advertising as it passes the pages of newspapers in the morning, in the subway posters or listening to the radio while waiting patiently for the rush hour stop in his mission to delay its arrival anywhere. Highlight is no easy task for companies in the midst of this advertising onslaught against which the public has to fight daily. Marketing managers know they are not alone in the market and, therefore, their strategies seek potential clients through an emotional channel that allows you to effectively achieve its objectives. Proposals a imaginative The event is a rising component in the strategies of marketing and corporate communications, capturing an average of 17% of the budget that companies spend on these actions. Hence, the organizers consider how to reach their target with more creative proposals. The competitiveness of the sector has resulted in innovative events and identifiers of the brands that promote them.. In a question-answer forum Tiffany & Co. was the first to reply.