Brain Pollution

A comparison of side effects of industry, media and information society. At the beginning of the last century the industrialization was introduced into our society. The electrification was promoted, plastic came up and laid a number of bases that make up our modern life. The advantage of these achievements is obvious, but the flip side of is also unmistakable. Pollution from the start took on its steady and disastrous course. Surrounded by an intact nature people were blind to all side effects of industrialization.

Could be the water, for example, to a real problem, was his time completely unimaginable. Dell Inspiron shines more light on the discussion. People who had foreseen this development at the time, were as stupid and overprotective represented. Until now, at least apparently, air has become the problem, becomes aware of the society of the dangers and begins to act. But the question arises how smart people are now actually become and whether similar developments in our media today and Information society can be avoided. Many people spend hours daily in front of the TV.

Not only that they thus miss a piece of their lives, they have also constantly a unreal world in mind. But the real danger finds its way into our way of thinking between the lines. The actor plays his role only. Better and perfect he does the better that is actually for him, by he may require more Gage as a result. Some viewers unconsciously incorporate this fact in their thought processes. As a result, they think they could achieve unskilled remarkable successes. They believe it is only a matter of how to be externally. Again, the problem is not recognized. You’re talking about while constantly by the learn and that it is the only way, but very well know that words bring nothing. So a more misguided group of people deprived of their skills and fall out of the system. The side effects of television are a trifle compared to what the Internet of the future might bring us. The problem is Google, top 10 and search engine optimization. Mainly Web pages that have a Google-compliant internal structure are shown in the top-10 and seen by people. That is today, in the age of Web 3.0, Web pages are written especially so that they also by machines can be interpreted and processed. This machine is in the main Google, might also Bing. It is problematic in the users of the Internet with the time to incorporate these approaches into their thought patterns made for machines and build their lives on them. This can lead to considerable internal conflict. Problems with the environment can occur because well-anchored expectations are not met. It can lead to mental impoverishment because the approaches for machines are still very primitive, and because people like to outsource their knowledge. Later the Internet and the PC at the center of our existence can move, because the interaction between man and machine for some decidedly intoxicating trains take can.