Bicentenario Argentina

A contribution to culture in one show tribute to renowned Argentine artists who immortalized with his works emblematic landscapes of Buenos Aires. As citizens and workers of culture, a tribute through art is a responsibility that entails an obligation; It therefore commits us in this bicentennial, since a nation makes great commitment to its citizens. Buenos Aires art Argentino of the 20th century, is a sign that involves 14 distinguished artists, among others, who have contributed with their art and their prestige to our cultural heritage. Alfredo Bertani, eximious low Belgrano, disciple of Repetto and Cleto Ciocchini painter; Claudio Gorrorrategui, Martin Malharro and Hall National Awards; Osvaldo Imperiale, follower of the artistic line of master Quinquela and assiduous research assistant at the national Hall; Juan Orihuel, celebrated hyperrealist painter, disciple of Rusinol; Indalecio Pereyra, disciple of Malharro and Collivadino, Sivori Salon national prize; Luuciia Imperiale, disciple of Quinquela, which perpetuated the unmistakable style created by his master, giving his personality; Claudio Scheffer, prize Hall Benito Quinquela Martin; Virgilio Vallini, intimist painter awarded with several prizes; Alberto Tomas Gini, contemporary painter and Jose Martino, Italian painter nationalized Argentine, founder of the Association people of art of Avellaneda, show us from different styles and techniques the inspiration of the unmistakable Creek, rather than symbolic place, already there was conducted the first Foundation of Buenos Aires by Pedro de Mendoza in the ano1536. Juan Carlos Huergo, painter, draughtsman, lithographer and Illustrator and Vicente Vento, a great intimate disciple of Lazzari and creditor of several distinctions, seduce us with its scenery over the city. Required and deserved the presence of one of the great masters of Argentine painting, Benito Quinquela Martin, with one of his celebrated etchings, reflection of his predilection for the workers of La Boca.

The Plaza work of May, painter David Heyneman, who documented places of the city and whom called the painter of the Buenos Aires streets, make this exhibition, not only a tribute to these men, but also to the culture, which is the greatest asset of a nation. Our contribution and the space of diffusion Hipolito Resto & Arte is to grant the community passion and tribute to the culture of the country of these great artists, suggesting to the audience the question where we come from and where we are going. The exhibition is open to the public until the month of may with free entrance in commemoration of the year of the bicentennial of Argentina, may 25, 1810-2010. Original author and source of the article