Annulment Decree

The same story that discredits this view as outmoded is part of the same narrative that seeks annulment decree of oppressors and oppressed without elimination of oppressors and oppressed. That machinery covered with a blanket of ideological narrative moral and material reality that it produces is the same as defined by decree elorgullo, dignity, was the greatest sin imaginable, an attribute of the devil, as was often defined democracy and dissent. For absolute power, autoflajelarse, removed Oran, opened the back with chains and nails, punish, destroy and humiliate the only temple unlimited Jesus recognized by the human body, is an admirable demonstration of humility. An ancient and exciting show, as it confirms that the oppressor has come to liberate the oppressed of the devil. To release submitting. It is the virtue of blind subservience through autoflajelante humility, self-humiliation of the Lutheran, as preached and Protestant conservatives, medieval and postmodern apocalyptic televangelists. Then the tradition of narrating the social machine and disseminates celebrates the thrill of self-punishment, neutralization of the obedience, because it is a sacrifice that strengthens the inherited order, confirms the dominant authority and, above all, illustrates.

The pursuit of humility through self-humiliation is so powerful that even a priest pedophilia can be forgiven, because social embarrassment is the most powerful destroyer of any personal pride. And personal pride, as we have seen the worst of sins, even worse than physical oppression and the moral destruction of others. At this point we not only by way of the dialectic.