Andalusian Construction

The Generalife is another historical monument that Granada offers lavishly to its visitors, and of in case, he is powerful an attractiveness to make the reserve in Granada for his next vacations. Granada, city of beautiful Andalusia, is a wonderful place to take a walk, to visit incredible places and to enjoy a city a rich cultural history. The stamp that the domination blackberry left in local geography has marked for always the heap Andalusian. Not by anything, he says the legend that when the last Moor was expelled, watched the city from a near mount, sighed and broke in weeping, by the beauties to which had to resign. The Generalife is a palace of summer for the Muslim kings who occupied Granada.

It was constructed towards end of century XIII by Muhammad II. The style in which it is constructed is Arab Nazar. The Nazar dynasty was the last one in occupying Spanish earth, but its supremacy had lasted by more than two hundred years, and throughout 20 generations. When last sultn, Boabdil, refused to pay tribute to the Spanish kings, the Moors were finally expelled from earth Andalusian. The Generalife is near the Alhambra, although it at first did not have direct communication with this construction. One extends on the mount Of the Sun, valleys of the Genil and the Darro. The Patio of Acequia separates the two wings of the great construction. It is a beautiful internal patio that exactly has a drain that runs of end to end, to water the many vegetal species that bloom there.

On a lateral one it presents/displays a wall with great arcs that it gives to a gallery on the low gardens. Throughout history, there were periods in which the Generalife enough was aggravated. Nevertheless, has been recovered it, although not maintaining it faithful in a one hundred percent to the original construction. However, the track morisca remains, equipping these fabulous gardens with a special mystic, who sends immediately us to One and Thousand histories Nights. The manifolds water obstacles of the drains and the Stairs of Water (an ingenious construction in the form of stairs that take to a temple in first stage) contribute with their reassuring sound to obtain an atmosphere of serenity and relax. It does not doubt more to it and it right now makes his hotel reserves in Granada, and knows why great literate musicians and of the Spanish culture have been inspired by these gardens to compose most beautiful works.