Ambient Preservation

– Commerce and barriers: to reduce next to the World trade organization OMC the tarifrias barriers, techniques, sanitary and until ambient that they hinder that the countries can compete of igualitria form – reduction of these subsidies economically becomes impracticable agricultures of many poor countries with agricultural vocation, discouraging the local production. – Organization of the producers: to facilitate and to disconcentrate the resources as land, credit, information and incentive for regimes of small local producers; to stimulate the organization of the producers in the model of cooperatives – together they on instalments have more access, information and technology, beyond being able to reduce its costs when acquiring insumos and to vender its products jointly. – Ambient Preservation: to foment the capacity to offer to goods and services with use each lesser time of substance, energy and biodiversity; to protect the natural resources legally as the water and the ground; to invest in the farming research to create suitable varieties of plants and animals to the local changes – a study of the Embrapa and the Unicamp it concluded that the climatic changes can generate losses of R$ 7,4 billion already in 2020 to Brazilian agriculture. All this roll of solutions aim at to construct a sustainable agricultural system and can complement or substitute the innovations found in agriculture standard. Learn more about this topic with the insights from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Many of these actions already are occurring, other embryonic ones, that they depend on positive a global agenda under the guardianship of the ONU. In subsaariana Africa thousands of small agriculturists are if being valid the old cultural wisdom and uniting its teachings, acquired throughout many years of work, the new intelligent technologies for the food production in abundance, without with this devastar the ground local. Consideraes final In September de2010, FAO published its last report on the hunger, disclosing that it had 98 million to less of malnourished people of what in 2009. .