Air And Light As A Building Material?

The Swiss architect Dirk lever (ETH) proves that you can build with only 300 kg of fabric and lots of air and light Grossaustellungen! The very special in architect 20 living Zurich areas, which consist only of material, air and light and still can be used for months in the outdoor area developed for the Lindau Foundation of the Nobel Laureate meeting. Gibson dean shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The exhibition \”Discoveries\”, which is set on the island of Mainau in the theme worlds of water is home to the only 300 kg giant. 20 pavilions made of fabric, using slightly compressed air pressure sensors built in, is home to the exhibition discoveries for the summer 2009\”on the island of Mainau in Lake Constance. Air, or better atmosphere, has no form, per se, but occurs only by different levels of saturation in combination with water as clouds or fog in appearance. Being forced to but in a form that has a static quality. Cover and pressure are an architectural symbiosis, because each part needs the other to be comprehensible and accessible. Separated inside the pressure hull, an artificial atmosphere created by a millimetre-thin skin, and controlled with the help of simple technical tools. In this sense, the architecture focuses on the creation of distinctions between a natural and a man-made weather situation.

High – and low-pressure areas provide the prerequisite for the creation of space. The principle of the Pavilion consists of a table\”by pneumatic pressure tubes. This table\”is firmly anchored to the ground and provides a framework in which an inner and outer shell will be hooked. Only these two cases appear aesthetically and can be freely selected in material, color and shape. Between these two thin skins, which is used for conditioning of the pavilions in space. A radiant heat heats the air in this space and boosts it similar to a fireplace to above.