5 Million Questions In 5 Years Gutefrage.net

Three and a half years after launch the Advisor community gutefrage.net had a million questions. Samylia asked the 5 millionth question. She could not explain is why their Palm held the fresh water in the pot, but running everything down in the pot. Apart so far 253 responses from the community, gutefrage.net Samylia receives the Golden question mark as a souvenir and an own anniversary cake. The Great Coursess opinions are not widely known. This is what distinguishes the gutefrage.net-Community practical tips and helpful advice on the various issues.

And because the first answer usually not long wait to the user set so far proud 5 million questions. A minute or two it takes on average until a question is answered. The best questions are sometimes several hundred answers. This is ensured by the many members of the community. The most active Advisor among them have been already several thousand responses and helped so many other Internet users.

The topics of the questions are varied and range from computer via job to health and Nutrition. And because there are also experts for very specific topics, about dream interpretation, stunt kites, left-handed guitars or engineering among many members of the advice community, there are also questions that not everyone would have been so easy to gutefrage.net. Real gutefrage.net-Perlen. Read a question and their answers is entertaining, sometimes strange or surprising, occasionally to the unforgettable teachable moment. Current favorite questions of the gutefrage.net-Teams: 1 mine, which rest in the cinema? question / what-rest – in the cinema is-me 2. Why is it a good feeling when you hear how the vacuum cleaner sucks sand? question/why is it a good feel if man sounds as the – vacuum cleaner-sand – Hume 3. Why fly flying all the time in the middle of the room in the district? of question/why fly fly constantly in the middle of room-in the-circle about gutefrage.net: gutefrage.net is according to AGOF 2011-05 with 15.57 million unique users of the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The aim of the Advisor platform is to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. Www.autofrage.net,,,,,,,,,, are the gutefrage.net more portals GmbH.