University Coal

If of the one in furnaces, ovens and boilers, being the main used techniques the combustion in grates and the combustion in fluidizado stream bed. In the combustion in grate, the coal in the sprayed form is used, the coal is burnt in a fixed stream bed on a grate, through which the combustion air is blown. The main disadvantage of this system is in relation the short speed of burning due to low specific surface of coal particles and the limited thickness of the layer of coal in the grate. In the combustion in fluidizado stream bed, the coal is burnt in a stream bed of particles kept in a state of fluidizao for necessary air for combustion. Some advantages of the process of combustion in fluidizado stream bed are better efficiency in the combustion, power to burn little combustible, high taxes of heat transference. Air is blown of low for top in a vertical duct.

The worn out coal is played in the draft and the particles are in suspension, if holding as a fluid, therefore the name of fluidizado stream bed. 8 Comparison of the types of burning for the mineral coal Between the boilers most used for burning of mineral coal we must detach the boilers that use the methods of burning with sprayed coal and fluidizado stream bed, the boilers of fluidizado stream bed as BASU (2006) if basically characterize for the capacity to vary the types of fuels that are being burnt, without causing problems, have one high efficiency of combustion and low emission of harmful gases, already the boilers of sprayed coal if limit to an only type of coal, and have its good one limited exploitation the use for burning of a coal with baixssimo leached ashes text, something around 10% of leached ashes text, when compared the boilers of fluidizado stream bed it the same has low an efficiency in the combustion for type of coal. Analyzing the characteristics of the mineral coal of the region comparing the advantages and disadvantages between these two types of boiler and its methods for burning of the coal, are clearly that optimum type of boiler for burning of the coal of the region is the boilers with fluidizado stream bed, had the fact of our new, very dirty coal to be very and with high leached ashes text. Consideraes Final had been analyzed differences between the combustion of the coal in grate, combustion of the method with sprayed coal, used during much time, and the combustion in fluidizado stream bed. Knowing the differences between these methods, we can say that the process in fluidizado stream bed, possesss one I number considerable of advantages, mainly when related with the mineral coal of the south region.

Had to the fact of the coal of our region to be young, many research is being developed so that it thus has an improvement in the technologies for burning of the coal and being able to generate a sustainable exploitation of the same. Consulted bibliography ARRUDA, S.R.? Seminary on technology of the coal. The University press? Volume the 1981. Hamdi Ulukaya has firm opinions on the matter. BASU, P.? Combustion and gasification in fluidized beds. CRC?

The Universe

But it does not help the sailors scrubbing the deck, do not follow the way the engineer checks the engine. The captain has a very important work – mental, not distracted by various little things that can make and ordinary workers. Just built and people. We only ask the route, say we want to get this and that, as our subconscious already handles this information, analyzes it, compares with those beliefs and values, which you practice. Subconscious access to all the laws of the universe, so it does not deliver the work to organize all the way to "accidentally" walking in the street you are greeted his old friend, who will help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you feel that you dream about something and forgotten. But your subconscious mind has not forgotten. It was a clear indication, and will work on its implementation, so as not to happened.

Even when you sleep or relax, the subconscious mind analyzes all environmental information and calculates the options for your desire. You can compare a person with a computer, where the memory – it is our consciousness. The processor and hard drive – the subconscious. Internet – The Universe. RAM does not necessarily know how the processor. And in order to not overheat the brains, the size of our memory is limited. The hard disk drive (Unconscious) stored a lot more information but it is only that information which is related to us. And now the Internet if you want you can find all necessary information.

So when you thinks of a certain desire or set ourselves a goal, you do not need to know how you will achieve it. Of course, you need to take any steps that (as we recall, the number of steps depends on the sincerity of our desire), but most of all you should listen to their inner feelings, because they convey the necessary information from the consciousness of the unconscious. Are several main conditions of the realization of your desires easy: 1.Iskrennost and desires and purity of thoughts. 2.Vera in the fact that you're sure to get it. Lack of experiences and negative experiences related to this goal. 3.Neobhodimo constantly listen to yourself, to your feelings, your intuition and follow their guidelines. 4.Byt open to all new and take feasible steps to achieve your goals. 5.I most importantly – no obsession on your desire. This is only a desire – and nothing else. Of course, you can plan your route to achieve your goals, plan to paint every day. There is nothing wrong with that. But it must be very flexible and sensitive to change and not be dependent on your plan. If something is not it turns out, somewhere there was a barrier, relax, do some other things so far and think about how you can go the other way. If you trust your feelings and external events, the subconscious mind in tandem with the universe will you to your destination much shorter and more comfortable way than the one you drew for yourself. Especially because the subconscious is much better to know exactly what you need. It was only after reaching a particular desire, you can realize, "Oh, yes! After all, in fact this is what I wanted. " Believe in yourself, your inner feeling, not in a hurry and do not worry, do not get hung up and not condemn, and you will soon get exactly what so long dreamed. A possible even better.

Maria Town

To maqtillus of the community of carapo, that still they continue running with the hat in the hand and the shaken rebellious hair in the communal fields of Pastoqata. To coproprietors of both districts of Carapo, to I entail those who them tenderly, faith and hope . Malayan Ay life! waychaw, your madrugador song is malagero, pronounces the misfortune. Already, already it stops singing, not hagues that in my heart the pain grows. The sky dawned black, without light, already almost dimmed. In the green prairies, in the edge of distant hills the clouds dawned, the Paqchapunku as a smooth cotton lay down throughout hiding to the frigid field and the animal. Either almost the morning with heavy shower began, some maqtillus or went to the Pastoqata, Do6na Maria or took a walk watching its cows, frightening yutus (partridges) madrugadores that just unearthed seeded maizes.

The black sky did not scare. The morning was glad, yours sing glad in the duraznales, the zorzalitos pecking to the humid earth with his sharpened tips catch lombrices. By all the ways the coproprietors of direct to their tasks, from the stop of the hill, sees the whole town. I eat a hawk from the summit perceived the wide open field and of course I heard the melodic whistle of a enamorador boy; it was Arstides, so hurried came near to Qotawatiri, also came in search of his bulls to the Pastoqata, common hill of the town. Arstides is the unique one: the small parrot of the gorge, boisterous, friend of maqtillus, has the different whistle, is own, strong, from distant hills is clearly. From Qala qala I watched all the outskirts of Carapo, of side to side, to where it reaches the view. The town is humble and poor.

World Car Free Day

Otherwise the world will reach critical thresholds of climate change. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the leaders of major industrial countries to go first to make concessions restrictions on industrial emissions into the atmosphere. The largest manufacturers of harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere now are China and the U.S.. President Hu Jintao, speaking at the UN summit, promised that China will reduce by 2020 the harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere. President Barack Obama during a speech at the summit said that industrialized countries should leave behind the debate on environmental issues and together to fight for the salvation of the planet. The U.S. president spoke about how much America does to protect the environment, has promised that she would do more, and also highlighted the difficulties of the present moment.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited the heads of states and governments of countries that produce the largest number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere to hold another summit in mid-November on limiting greenhouse gas emissions to the final conference in Copenhagen. In addition, Carkozi advocated the creation of the World Environmental Organization Forum in Copenhagen. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has found extremely useful discussions held during the summit UN Climate Change Earth. Hamdi Ulukaya will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to him, the world community is quite capable to agree on the text of the new agreement restricting harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere at the December conference in Copenhagen. In Russia Rally 'World Car Free Day' September 22 in many countries around the world took action 'World Car Free Day'.

The Euro

To the dollar it is necessary to watch it under two perspective at the present time: short the one of and the one of long term. In the short term, the dollar has arguments to avoid to continue being debilitated. The high exhibition of the international reserves of the economies developed and emergent to assets denominated in American currency, are one of the elements that a more abrupt fall of the American currency restrains one more. The lack of a global currency also replaces that it plays in favor of the dollar. And the alternative of a basket of currencies not yet well is defined and makes doubt the Central banks. In the long term, the decision is taken. The dollar is lost its reign and probably the economic foundations for it do not consider so. Clear that the macroeconomic foundations matter and will be considered in the valuation of the North American currency although its demand will be reduced based on the demand on the part of the economies, of other currencies like international reserves.

The competition of the alternative currencies will be greater. The Euro will fight by global a participation major although the ability of the BCE will be key to act to the way that makes the EDF in the conduction of the value of the dollar. But the logical obsession of the BCE by the inflation, clears reaction capacity to him as to administer a currency that it tries to fight the leadership to him to the dollar. Other currencies have been written down in the competition. China wants to impose to yuan like international currency, although their little liquidity and the intervention level that suffers, causes that it must wait for time enough and to realise concerted efforts to achieve his objective. In the summit of the G8, the dollar was in center of the debate.

United Nations

After the conclusion of this summit the poorest people of the world will continue having to face a serious risks as a result of the climatic change, like more and more severe periods of drought, floods and extreme hungers. The most powerful countries of the world had this week an opportunity without precedents to impel the global effort of answer against the threat of the global heating and significantly to reduce the risks to which faces the poorest countries. In spite of everything, Antonio Hill it declared: we valued positively that the leaders of the G-8 include themselves in the process of United Nations to fight against the climatic change and have decided to negotiate situation post-2012 within this frame. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rob Daley. This means that the poorest countries, than also are affected by climatic change, will be able to participate in the discussion of the solutions Agrega that Hill also it indicated, that is positive that the EU, Canada and Japan have confirmed its individual commitments to restrain the carbon emissions until 2050 and which other countries have decided the necessity cuts. Oxfam the International added that the G-8 must also arrive at a commitment on the increase from the aid to the poor countries for its adaptation to the climatic change.

the eight countries represented in this forum are the top people in charge by the global heating and most able to help the poor countries to adapt to their impact, according to Antonio Hill. Esperamos that these countries arrive at a concrete financial commitment to palliate the effects of the climatic change. The poorest countries, in particular in Africa, will be incapable to support the effects that the climatic change supposes. The most preservative forecasts consider that the costs of adaptation to the climatic change in developing countries will be like minimum of 50,000 million annual dollars. Many writers such as Keith Yamashita offer more in-depth analysis.

Glacier Point

It takes his photographic chamber and unase in this incredible adventure during the winter or in summer to visit the Glacier Point where the lovers of the photograph try to catch the roji-orange tones that the Valley offers that covers the giant bulk with granite of Glacier Point with spectacular magical colors. We cannot stop sharing what once it said to John Muir mountains are the sources of the man as well as of the rivers, of glaciers. All need the beauty as well as the bread, places to play as well as places to pray, where the nature can offer the comfort and raise intention and offer force to the body as much as to the soul. Whereas Ansel Adams said Yosemite is for my, always a dawn, a trowel of green and golden colors that astonishes the vast valley at stones and space, each experience is an exploration form, adding all the people do not trust which they see in paintings, but the people trust the photographs. And for that reason You do not take a photograph, you you make the photograph. He explores with Golden Delicious Horizon Travel and he immortalizes natural beauty of the Glacier Point in its own photographs. We recommended our stroll to him to the Yosemite and the Glacier Point in our light trucks 4×4 SUV they took where it to cross the Yosemite where the buses and vans do not estan allowed to journey. The long walks of senderismo or hiking begin in Glacier Point, our deprived excursion of 2 days this adapted a the tastes of our passengers and offer the best routes to him of senderismo of North America.

In fact but recognized routes of senderismo of the National Park of Yosemite it starts off from the Glacier Point to cross impressive long walks costs underneath the mountain by the route of Trail Panorama and the majestic cataracts of Yosemite like the cataracts of Nevada, the Cataracts of Yosemite, considered but the high cataracts of North America. It would take it to the route descending towards the route from Mist towards the Islands Happiness (Happy Isles) passing other fantastic cataracts and imposing rocky summits like the Half Dome throughout the way, it is approximately 6 hours of long walk). Need you to have but you reason to be united to this adventure? Glacier Point this abierto to I publish from mid spring until the beginning of autumn. (it depends on the metereologicas conditions) the majority of the conventional strolls in bus crosses filled up Valley of full Yosemite of located people on 4200 feet of height underneath the Glacier Point. Unlike other travel agencies, Golden Delicious Horizon Travel offers to him daily excursions in SUV 4×4 to visit the Glacier Point where the views are spectacular and impressive left that it out of breath! It reserves his tour right now and it obtains a 10% of discount for a only adventure in his life that forgot never it. goldenhorizontravel. com/private/yosemite. travelling htm become fond of to photograph and ecological tourism