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dollar, as the calculations were carried out and maintained by the U.S. dollar and sharply depart from this one is not going to. Hamdi Ulukaya addresses the importance of the matter here. But according to many experts, nothing good this policy will not, and the debts will still need to give. Turning to other countries such as China, which already warily glancing at the prospects U.S. dollar, and gradually withdraw from his / her turn, we can conclude that, sooner or later resort to this method and other countries, ending what will be the inevitable devaluation of the dollar.

Recall that at the last G20 summit such proposals were maturing at a certain number of countries, including Russia. The only thing that then help the U.S., so this is a new "image" of the financial system, but how he will not know probably more in the U.S.. Referring to whole euro area, we see that its turnaround plan, or rather its part, the ECB has published only in May 2009, which unveiled a package of measures to stimulate its economy. It was planned to reduce the refinancing rate to a record low of 1%, twice to extend the period of short-term lending, and the main item on his agenda was a plan for redemption of secured bonds for EUR 60 billion. As we can see, these measures were essentially correct, but to resort to it would be quite good, somewhere at the end of March 2009, and did not have the latter stages of the crisis. The interest rate was actually reduced, and the redemption of the bonds likely will take place shortly.

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