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The resources that more frequent are citizens to the competition are nutrient essential minerals, water, light and space. Considering only the productivity of the farming, the ideal it is that during this period the cultures are kept clean. Word-key: Harmful plants, competition, production. IV Abstract The harmful plants ploughs responsible will be they causes the largest damages economics in the agriculture. In medium terms, 30 you agricultural 40% of reduction of production world championship ploughs attributed you the interference.

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For manufacturing various types of modern glass products are mainly used conventional material which are manufactured in sheet thickness from 2 to 6 mm. Sizes of glass used may be different from 250×250 to 1600X2200 mm. In some cases, a decorative colored types: transparent and opaque, hardened products, a high load on the punch and bending, etc. Improved performance is achieved by adding special substances to the basic composition of the commodity. Currently, windows, blocks and other similar products have very wide application. Difficult to imagine a luxurious store or public building without these elements. Glassware can significantly increase the size of window openings. They provide a sufficient amount of light entering the room.

To fill in light gaps in external walls, stairwells, lavatories, lights and devices for internal partitions used glass blocks. This is a translucent hollow parts with different texture of interior or exterior surfaces, made by welding two pressed polublokov followed by annealing. They are divided by type – on the square and angular, the construction of the inner cavity – to odnopustotnye and dvuhpustotnye. The first of these are the most common view, now widely used both in our country and abroad. Sides with glass blocks make smooth or with the thumb formed by a process of pressing. To increase the adhesive strength of the material with grout is recommended to apply a special postmark with powdered coarse sand, marble chips, etc.

These products retain all the positive properties of glass as a building material. In light openings, they work on compression, impact resistance and flexural strength. Tensile strength at this very much depends on the shape and design of products, the chemical composition of weight and quality of annealing. Thermal insulation – is the basic indicator that provides installation of glass. Because of the presence in them of air cavities, they have little thermal conductivity. This figure is in them is 0.36 kcal / m x h x deg. Also, these products have a high level of noise and soundproofing. In this case, they are easy and quick to install. You should not use windows as the supporting structures of the large difference in the coefficients of expansion of materials, considerable brittleness glass and low mechanical strength, vibration and bending loads. Therefore, the primary and the general condition of their mounts is to isolate steklobetonnoy panel of brick and concrete support structures. They successfully used for industrial buildings, public and residential purpose. This is one of the best options for glazing, especially in harsh climatic conditions of our country.


There are three types of wastewater: domestic, industrial and stormwater. In domestic wastewater, including plum kitchen, toilet and bath, expressed a wide range of nutrients, organic matter (living and dead), and detergents and cleaning chemicals (surfactants) are often very difficult to decontaminate and clean up. In the industrial effluents of the active compounds is determined by the direction of manufacture. For example, in the food industry for Fish processing, meat and vegetables in the wastewater discharged highly concentrated organic matter in effluents of metallurgical plants are concentrated heavy metals, industrial effluents wineries include large amount of organic acids, etc. In the storm drains get almost all waste industry ejected into the air, plus the all the substances that fall rains wash away the plants (nutrients), as well as surfaces of buildings, roads, cultivated land, etc. Let us dwell on the characteristic of the first two types of effluents that have a catastrophic impact on the quality of surface and groundwater, contributing to enhanced eutrophication and intensely affecting the dynamics of ecosystems.